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  • 04/07 Boston Marathon3:33:22
  • 10/08 Hartford Half Marathon 1:46:23
  • 09/06 New Haven Road Race 20K 1:36:47
  • 08/04 Deary 5-M Road Race - my 1st race ever 39:37
  • 11/06 VMG 5K 21:05
  • 07/06 Boombox Mile 6:12

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Running With The Big Dogs

My post-marathon return to running is going much, much better than I anticipated. I had been warned that the very first run would reveal still-sore muscles that I didn’t even know existed.

You can imagine how gingerly I took those first few steps five days after the marathon. To my immense relief and surprise, there was NO soreness. There was a little tightness in some places and my knee joints were a little cranky, but for the most part things felt good. I only did 2.25 miles or so, as I didn’t want to push too hard, too soon.

I ran again on Saturday, four miles this time, with similar results. Felt so good to be out there…autumn is perfect for running.

Sunday was a new experience for me. I was staying with my friend Kristen (one of the runner-helpers from the marathon) and she lives right ON the beach. She has sand for a backyard. No grass of any kind. Sand. And water. The salty kind.

She also has two male Labradors; brothers actually, who just turned one year(s) old. They are still FULL of energy and have much to learn in the way of social skills (“get your nose OUT of there!”). When I woke up Sunday morning, I asked if Moose and Rocco could “come out and play” with me. Even though I have two dogs of my own, I never take them running (for many reasons) so this was going to be so fun and such a treat for all of us!

It was low tide, so we went out onto the wet, packed sand and ran along. They could occasionally slow down to check something out, or to try to grab a shell. They are retrievers after all, and require some kind of ball or toy in their mouths at all times. And they like to eat the shells too.

I’d prod them along when they slowed down and soon, we got into a decent groove. They stopped trying to eat each other’s head and I started to relax. After about a quarter of a mile, I turned around to head back.

“Let’s SPRINT!” I told them…happily, waggily, we set off, increasing out speed and pushing the sand away from the bottoms of our feet. Cool, salty air hitting us in the face…it was glorious. We were flying!


They. Both. Just. Stopped.

Right in FRONT of me. At the same time. Just stopped. Maybe for a shell? Who knows…all I DO know is I went from vertical to horizontal very quickly. The hat came off, the body tumbled into the sand…and the dogs thought “HOORAY! She came down to play with us!” and proceeded to jump and lick and flail at me (and each other).

What could I do? I laughed. Brushed the sand off and headed back to the house, running a little more cautiously this time.

When I got back to the house, I told Kristen that she was lucky that I wasn’t out on the pavement or we’d probably be on our way to the ER to stitch me back up. Yet another reason to love the beach.

And that wasn’t ALL. We took them out for FOUR more miles, except this time there was one dog per human which made things a little easier. And, we were only on the beach for about half a mile.

The four miles wasn’t without incident though…but nothing nearly as funny as me going head over heals over two dogs (literally). Just some squirrels and a stupid cat. Let’s just say that my knees will never be the same and leave it at that.

I feel like I have truly arrived as a runner, as I now have a funny, slightly embarrassing story to tell.

How’s that for some canine miles?

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