Personal Bests

  • 04/07 Boston Marathon3:33:22
  • 10/08 Hartford Half Marathon 1:46:23
  • 09/06 New Haven Road Race 20K 1:36:47
  • 08/04 Deary 5-M Road Race - my 1st race ever 39:37
  • 11/06 VMG 5K 21:05
  • 07/06 Boombox Mile 6:12

Breaking The Tape

Upcoming Races 2010

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Robbed, Again

A beautiful autumn day.

A 5K course that I ran last year. One BIG HILL.

An arch-nemesis at a different race.

Another PR for the log book.

And yet, I’m feeling a little bitter. I’ve grown to hate this stupid race point series I managed to get myself into! I want to go back to the carefree days of not worrying about the other racers and running the race for the sheer fun of it!

Here’s what happened:

This was the first race in a while that did not include April-Anne or Michelle. I felt a little lost without them at the start line. I started looking for this other woman I know, hoping to use her as a pacer, but she didn’t seem to be there either.

So from the starting gun, I was on my own. I went out thinking about my form and breathing. Reminding myself to save some energy for the hill. I hit the first mile marker in 6:58. Yup, I was stunned too. I believe I uttered something like “Holy s***” when I realized how fast I was going. I was following a woman in front of me who appeared to have a nice strong pace. Another woman came up along side of me and we ran stride for stride for a minute or so before she broke away from me. I kept my eye on both of them as we started up the BIG HILL. Little did they know, I was using them to stay focused. About 1/4 of the way up the hill was mile marker two, which I hit in 7:10. I passed one of the women and said “C’mon, we can do this!” as I went by (the hill is really, really long and steep). She smiled at me but didn’t match my pace.

As I climbed the hill, I could feel my face getting redder and redder. I could also feel my head getting lighter and lighter so I was working hard at getting in enough oxygen to avoid passing out. Heartburn started to rip through my chest and stomach. I finally crested the hill, and enjoyed the sweetness of the downhill sweep around the corner before starting the last gradual slope to the flat finish. The third mile maker showed that the hill had taken it’s toll, as my pace was 8:03. I saw the stride-for-stride woman just in front of me, and took her out with my “kick” right before the finish line. The clock said 22:53. Woo hoo!

I figured that since last year’s first female sub-master came in at 23:12, I must have placed in second or third for this year, right?

Nope. Wrong. Incorrect.

This year’s first female sub-master came in at 20:54 and was also the first female to cross the finish line. So she got TWO awards. One for being the first female and one for winning her age division. Double dipped.

Me? I came in FOURTH for the division. Robbed, I tell you…I was robbed!

Oh…and my arch-nemesis? She came in second in the race she ran. But technically, I ran faster than her. So now EIGHT points separate us and there’s no way I can make it up. Which is probably a blessing in disguise, so I can run the next race for fun and not worry about beating her. I hate all this competitive stuff.


BUT…I did PR and finally ran a sub-7 mile in a race, so that’s gotta count for something.

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