Personal Bests

  • 04/07 Boston Marathon3:33:22
  • 10/08 Hartford Half Marathon 1:46:23
  • 09/06 New Haven Road Race 20K 1:36:47
  • 08/04 Deary 5-M Road Race - my 1st race ever 39:37
  • 11/06 VMG 5K 21:05
  • 07/06 Boombox Mile 6:12

Breaking The Tape

Upcoming Races 2010

Stay Tuned!

Doin’ The Limbo

Been quiet around here, huh?

Did you ever find yourself in limbo, dancing in that odd space in between life changing events? One moment ends and then a blank screen pops up with a little spinning hour glass. You know that a new screen will appear eventually, but it’s impossible to tell how long the hour glass will keep spinning. So you wait, staring intently…barely breathing.

My new screen appeared today. I can now move on to the next steps. I can now breathe again. I can end this dance with flourish and grab my next partner as the music changes.

I completed my degree to become a physical therapist assistant. I secured a job in an orthopedic/sports medicine out-patient physical therapy clinic. I’m (mostly) prepared for my license examination. I started my training for my first half-Ironman. I joined a swim class and swam farther than ever before in the very first class. I’m shopping for wet suits and snow shoes.

As my life finds it’s new routine, I hope to be here more often. I hope you can join me!

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